TruGreen Lawn Treatment on Monday Nov 17th

TruGreen will be working in CCV on Monday November 17th to treat lawn for insects, broadleaf weeds, and to fertilize.  Please water in either Monday Nov 17th or Tuesday Nov 18th as schedule permits.


CCV Canopy – Trees

Most all residents will agree that Country Club Village (CCV) has a beautiful canopy. Sometimes our trees die due to disease and need to be replaced. City code states that if a tree is removed for whatever reason another tree needs to planted in its place. That location does not have to be the same place. It can be planted elsewhere within CCV or other designated locations inside the city limits.

If you desire not to replant on your own property, you are required to submit a completed Common Area Request Form and request to place your replacement tree in the common areas. It may be that you will need to plant outside CCV in the city designated location if there is not an appropriate place within CCV.

For those residents desiring to plant within CCV this list below represents the approved trees for planting within CCV. Be sure before you purchase that the tree is species you select from list below is the approved species by scientific name as listed by City of Winter Springs (web link is on website landscaping main page). If not do not purchase it and plant it.

Evergreen: Live Oak, Southern Magnolia, Dahoon Holly, Longleaf or Slash Pine

Deciduous: Red Maple, Sweetgum, Sycamore, Hickory, Elm, Paper Birch, Tulip Poplar, Nuttall Oak, Bald Cypress.

Small Trees: Yaupon Holly, Japanense Blueberry, Yellow Tabebuia, Pink Tabebuia, Crape Myrtle, Ligustrum.

Any of these trees shown above and on this list will grow in our area tolerating both sun and shade. Keep in mind that while none of the trees above will die if planted in shade, they will grow faster if planted in full sun. Flowering trees like Crape Myrtles and Tabebuia don’t flower as much if planted in the shade.

In 2004 we lost many trees in the storms which caused extensive damage to some homes. A few of the city approved trees lack a tap root or were unhealthy and were bought down by wind and water saturated ground damaging many properties (a variety of Laurel Oaks found in CCV for example). Be sure you keep your trees trimmed in a manor permitting the wind to pass through the tree. A City of Winter Springs approved and licensed Arborist can assist you. While thick shady trees are pleasant… they do pose a risk here in Florida. Also, if you believe the tree to be diseased, please contact the City of Winter Springs to have the tree evaluated by the city. As a good resident assure your property, and that of your neighbors, is protected from damage. If the tree is dead or diseased you will need to remove it and replace it with a new sapling within the city limits in an approved location.

TruGreen Monthly Treatment Schedule

Lawn Treatment Schedule

Lawn Treatment Schedule

Tree and Shrub Treatment Schedule

Tree and Shrub Treatment Schedule

Divot Sept 2014 CCV Newsletter

Click here to download the DIVOT-5-September.pdf

In this issue:

Semi Annual HOA Meeting Notice

Bios of HOA Members running for the 4 open BoD positions.

Financial Report

Misc Notices


CCV Community Yard Sale October 11th 8am till 1pm

Start going through your attics, garages, and closets!  It’s always a fun day to walk the neighborhood and meet your neighbors!

An ad will be placed on Craig’s List and other websites. The CCV Yard Sale sign will be placed at the entrance to our neighborhood on Monday October 6th.

Contact Sally Hamby at 321-287-9021 if you have any questions.

Date: Saturday October 11th 2014

Time: 8 a.m. till 1 p.m

Found Garage Door Opener

FOUND – Garage Door Opener control. Contact Sallie Jackson.

Sallie Jackson (10/31/2014)
1046 PBE
407 538 0665

NOTICE: Duke Energy working on Electrical Grid

46-TC-notice from Duke Energy